Erika• Review

Oh this book! I don’t know how am gonna write a review without any spoilers.
Okay…*deep breath  (No spoilers btw)
Let’s take the regular path where I tell you that the story is narrated by the protagonist herself, Erika. She introduces herself as a worker at a flower shop in London. She had moved to London and her brother had gone to Canada for studying after their parents had passed away in Dublin.

The death of her parents had taken a toll on Erika resulting in anxiety and hallucinations. However shifting to London had a positive effect on her. She lives with her best friend Lara who thinks that Erika has a tendency to get into relationship with toxic guys. However with Lara’s efforts she soon meets the love of her life, Ethan. Inspite of being happy Erika felt apprehensive.

The book begins with a murder scene before we get into Erika’s story. The story is fast paced and progresses smoothly with very little interesting events. Just when you think that the incidents are not thrilling enough then *boom* you get the ultimate shock but that’s not the end. This is the kinda book that you need to read till the last page to figure out what actually happened.

The author has kept the language quite simple and the narration is easy to understand with no twisted meanings or tough words. Each chapter has a quote from the Bible which in some way can be connected to the emotions expressed or events happening in the story. I found it quite interesting.

Personally I liked reading the book but as a reader I think the author could have included some more thrills in the first half of the book to keep the readers engaged. To me it was bit plain and I kept wanting something to happen as the prologue had piqued my interest. Having said that I should also mention that I was blown away by the ending… I mean the last part is an absolute page turner.

BOOK: Erika
AUTHOR: Mansi Narula Kashyap
GENRE: Thriller

Published by Quirky Scorpio

A wandering reader.

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