This is a 3 episode show based on Agatha Christie’s crime novel of the same name. If you are looking for murder mystery this is your show. 8 strangers are invited and taken to a mansion in an Island but the hosts doesn’t show up, instead two househelps receive and take care of the guests. But the trouble begins when one by one the residents of the house start getting killed..I won’t say much cause each detail contributes to the mystery. I finished watching this in one sitting. YES. I’m impatient. The storytelling is amazing but what I liked particularly is how the makers start the story…. it’s really cool..

Character appreciation: PHILLIP LOMBARD He starts off as arrogant and cruel but soon I realised he’s the only one who’s not pretentious and has the guts to own up to his doings and also stand his ground. I effing loved this character and it has nothing to do with the fact that the charming Aidan Turner played it and nailed it.

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