My top 3 Fantasy Series 2020

Nimue, the Lady of the Lake is the protagonist. The characters are derived from the Arthurian legends but their relationship with eachother and the storyline is completely different. Nimue belongs to the Fey kind, the Fey people has magical gifts based on which the tribes are divided. The Fey are being hunted by the Church and while on the run Nimue comes to wield the Excalibur and meets young Arthur. As the story progresses the other known characters with unknown backstories are introduced like – Merlin, Gwain, Uther and many more. This story is about Nimue, her self-discovery (not spiritual but magical) and her quest to save the Fey people. The little revelations along the way adds quite a sparkle to the already starry storyline. I watched the series first and then read the book and I am very happy to say that this adaptation was really upto the mark and I loved both.

Character appreciation: THE WEEPING MONK. I fell in love as soon as I saw him… Thanks to Daniel Sharman’s remarkable potrayal of this character who’s an extraordinary soldier with a tortured soul, so engrossed in darkness that he keeps concealing the light within. And I must mention that his entrance in the series was as dramatic as it’s described in the book.


Finally! My fave show this year. I absolutely loved this one and the fact that this was a book adaptation acted as one of the major stimulus. The Witcher is packed with action, magical creatures, powerful rulers, sorcery and love. The concept of Witchers is quite new and unique in the fantasy world and we’ll know more about ’em in the 2nd season. In this one, along with the backstory of 3 major characters (Geralt of Rivia, Ciri and Yennefer) you get to see some of Geralt’s adventures and you would need to watch till the end to understand the timelines which makes it more interesting. Henry Cavill as Geralt is extraordinary and Joey Batey as Jaskier is a treat. I loved the camaraderie of these 2 characters..

Character appreciation: YENNEFER of VengerbergI felt this character had some layers…in the beginning she was the victim then she rose like a freaking queen…. I won’t tell much or else you guys would miss the delight of the surprise. And Anya Chalotra was just amazing as AMAZING.


DARK directed by Baran Boodar excels in every field – storyline, cinematography, casting, acting and most importantly a worthy ending. The story begins with the disappearance of kids & appearance of unknown bodies in the fictional town of Winden which leads to discovery of dark secrets of the town and the residing families. The timelines are very skillfully intertwined which unfolds throughout the 3 seasons. If you pay enough attention you will easily understand the interconnections and then you’ll realise the complications are the beauty of the show.

Popular opinion is that this show screws with your brains but I disagree, the only thing that does so is the relationship among the characters (it’s hella confusing I suggest you prepare a chart).

This is the best I have ever watched… It has everything that I look for in a show…

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