Blog tour: ISOLDESSE

Genre: Young Adult Sci-Fi Fantasy
Publishing date: March 2nd, 2021


Isoldesse by Kimberly Grymes is a sci-fi novel laced with a little bit of magic. The story begins with four friends- Meegan, Kenna, Ally and Darcy meeting up and Kenna receiving a crystal necklace possession of which makes her faint. The incident is ruled out as a result of Kenna’s exhaustion but soon she begins to dream of a lady, an attractive guy with orange eyes and soldiers who are chasing her. Soon the group along with some of their other friends are kidnapped and taken to an unknown world.

However soon after a lot of other characters are introduced, all of whom plays an important role in the storyline. The plot is set out very cleverly and everything sums up at the end. The grey characters have a strong reason as well as morals to support their cause so it’s not exactly a good versus evil fight. Also I am not disclosing the kind of race Sendarians belong to but I gotta say this is the first book I read about those entities and I really loved their depiction.

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If the technical aspects are considered then I liked the writing style. The story is told from POV of different  characters in a cycle so it’s refreshing and moves forward quickly but smoothly so that’s a boon for an impatient fast reader like me. The revelations at the end are quite surprising but the cliffhanger has me waiting for the next book and I hope we get it soon.

Honestly I enjoyed the book a lot and this is my favourite read this year till now. Though I prefer not to rate books still if absolutely have to then I would rate this one 5 out of 5.



Kimberly has a small book blog called the Plum Report in which she reads and reviews science-fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and or dystopian books. She also enjoys taking bookstagram pictures and sharing them with the book community on Instagram.

When Kimberly Grymes is not writing, reading, or blogging, she’s usually hanging out with her husband and kids, baking treats, or keeping busy with crafts. As much as she enjoys reading books, she loves watching movies and TV, and is always on the lookout for the next great sci-fi or fantasy show to watch. Her favorite part of the day is TV time in the evening with her husband and two min-pins, Jubilee and Cori. She currently lives in Kansas, where her allergies are much better than they were in Connecticut.


Friendships are tested, new alliances are made, and the truth of one woman’s actions from over a millennia ago are revealed.

Kenna and Meegan are college students dealing with upcoming finals, needy parents, boy drama, and what to do with their lives after they graduate in a few weeks. What they weren’t expecting was for Kenna to receive a powerful crystal necklace that ultimately changes their plans for a relaxing summer.

Strange things begin to happen to Kenna, like being the only one who can see and talk to the mysterious old woman with a golden aura. Or how in her dreams, a man with vibrant orange eyes keeps appearing who may or may not be real. Though, not all of Kenna’s mysterious encounters are pleasant as she’s haunted by massive beings carrying long swords and wearing armor covered in black scales.

Besides solving the mystery of where the crystal necklace came from, Kenna, Meegan, and their friends are taken to another world for a routine evolutionary assessment. The assessment gets sabotaged and causes more chaos for Kenna and her friends, especially for Meegan who is forced to open up and reveal her true identity and the magic she hides.

There’s one name that Kenna, Meegan, the Sendarians, and the monsters who’ve been hunting Meegan and her family for over a century all have in common…

ISOLDESSE – Synopsis from Goodreads

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